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Re: SU-2 kiteboards - now available for demo and in stock!!

by John.B » Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:49 pm

I have had a SU-2 Bamboo 135x40.5 and a Proseries 130x41 on demo from Dave at Kite Kit (cheers) for a few days now and had both out in a fairly powered cross-on to a mega-powered cross session today.

 First up is the Bamboo and apart from being like the flooring I have in my house it is a good looking piece of kit with the standout thing being just how thin and light it is. Giving it the once over there is a fairish bit of rocker at the tips which are tapered and not too fat and it is comparatively flat in the middle and applying force it feels springy, but not overly flexy and you can see/feel how the concave adds strength. On the water this is a seriously smooth ride aided by the mega comfy straps and pads that come with it to help soak up chop smoothly which it does lending itself to easy freeriding. It loads well for jumping and the landings are silky with the concave, it carves very well and you can really grip and throw some tight downloop toeside transitions. Pop I found to be okay, it took more of a carve-load-pop as opposed to loading the rail/tail by stamping, but as with the jumping the landings are great and it is very forgiving. Overall I think the Bamboo is an excellent and effortless freeride board.

Next up is the Pro and again the first thing that strikes you is just how thin and light this thing is and the graphics are *good* - not bad in any way but with some great looking boards nowadays it is no standout. It has a good bit of rocker at the tips that a have a diamond cut-out shape and flattens out in the centre with the massive concave built into the whole board that makes it have the springa stiffness similar to the Bamboo. The pads and straps are not as ‘bling’ as the Bamboo but they are actually very good and provide a very good comfortable, locked in fit even with my narrow size 8 feet and unlike most standard setups I would not replace these (I’m really fussy about pads n straps). On the water the board has, due to the concave, that riding on air feel that at first makes it feel loose but it grips and you realise that you don’t have to dig the rail in but can ride it flatter and it still ‘sucks’ to the water and goes upwind. The pop, IMO, is better than the Bamboo and it has a cleaner release which I think is aided by the substantial rocker that also helps the landings where even if not perfect you can get away with it. Today I had this out in really choppy cross shore 35mph+ conditions and it was just brilliant through the rough and belting into ramps and boosting off the back was very easy with super smooth landings. Being so light you can flick it about and although it might feel skatey it remains locked and I actually think I would like 4cm fins as opposed to the supplied 5cm ones to make it slide easier? Overall it is a cracking board and once you get your head round the weirdness of it being so light and a different shape with a slightly different ride that actually is very easy to adapt to you will love it – me I’m getting a 135x40.5.